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Do you already have a defined style that has remained relatively stable over the past few seasons, except for a few minor updates? You will want to use this wardrobe Refresh Package to keep you prepared for all the current seasons looks.

This service is 25% reinventing ǀ 75% maintenance of your wardrobe. It includes 1-2 hours of organizing and 1 shopping trip to complete.

We will:

  • Store away your off-season items. 
  • Deal with repairs and replacements of wardrobe pieces that will be utilized again.
  • Plan investment pieces for you.
  • Plan new wardrobe additions based on current pieces.
  • Create a personalized e-Lookbook of updates to wardrobe for reference. 

​STyle Update Package

Did you recently start curating your wardrobe or did your style do a complete 180? Maybe your wardrobe has changed due to lifestyle transitions (i.e. new mom, change in career/position, weight change, etc...), and you feel like you quite literally have nothing to wear that truly fits who you currently are. You will want to use this Overhaul Package to start anew, while looking your best.

This service is 75% reinventing ǀ 25% maintenance of your wardrobe. It includes 8-10 hours of organizing and 2-3 shopping trips to complete.

We Will:

  • Conduct a big Style Detox.
  • Create a mood board with focused inspiration for new/updated wardrobe.
  • Build a tentative capsule or curated wardrobe that will suit the different areas of your life.
  • Reorganize your wardrobe in a manner where you can shop your closet.
  • Create looks based on new purchases while mixing in saved existing pieces.
  • ​Create a personalized e-Lookbook of new/updated wardrobe for reference.

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​STyle OVERhaul Package

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​STyle refresh Package

Are you currently in the process of defining your style and already have concise ideas about some aspects of your wardrobe, but unsure on others? You will want to use this wardrobe Update Package to further strengthen your wardrobe's structure and tailor it to your style.

This service is 50% reinventing ǀ 50% maintenance of your wardrobe. It includes 2-5 hours of organizing and 1-2 shopping trips to complete.

​​We will:

  • ​Conduct a mini Style Detox.
  • Assess wardrobe pieces from the prior year for updates/replacements.
  • Redefine your color scheme and style concept with a mood board.
  • Create an updated capsule wardrobe for the current/upcoming season(s).
  • Check your stock of outerwear, bags and footwear.
  • Put together a working wardrobe list.
  • ​​Create a personalized e-Lookbook of updates to wardrobe for reference.