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​style showcase

​For new designers, boutiques owners, and fashion/accessory companies retaining new consumers while keeping current ones is always important and a big priority to any brands success. This service captures just that, by putting together a trunk show for the brands existing and/or new fashion pieces that excite consumers to purchase and show off their new wardrobe additions.

Style pro

There are a lot of moving parts to a fashion show. With confidence and piece of mind this service is meant to create something unforgettable. Giving your audience a stylish experience that isn't just the most important factor, but is the VIP Factor!

Style Threads

Lights, Camera, Style! Once those flashes go off make sure a smile isn't the only thing that looks good. This service will have you or a model dressed to compliment any theme or vision the camera is capturing.


  • All services are performed to bring a touch of VIP to any and all productions. 

Style Cast

When it comes to looking for the right talent for your company or shoot we will find the right person. With our keen sense of style and beauty, this service will help to elevate the beautiful models used in your fashion project/productions.

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